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Capacitor Bank Maintenace Checklist

Here you will find the recommended checklist for routine capacitor bank maintenance. 

Your engineering team or facility management should follow the steps. 

It will increase the lifespan of the capacitor bank, increase its efficiency and prevent accidents like sparks, fire etc. In other words it will protect your investment. 

We also offer capacitor bank maintenance.

For any clarification, our engineering team is more than happy to help you and offer our services for all facilities – industrial, business centres, hotels, malls and residential buildings. 

1Visual Inspection
1.1Isolation of Capacitor Bank from Power Supply
1.25-10 minutes interval before open the door
1.3Visual inspection of all components
1.4Power Fuse Links failure checking
1.5Fan and Filter Cleaning
1.6Removal of Dust from all components
1.7Contacts cleaning and free from rust
1.8Room Temperature
2Mechanical Inspection
2.1Clearance of Capacitor Bank
2.2Door Interlocking with Breaker
2.3Caution labels
2.4Protective covers and metal dead front shroud
2.5Bolt tightness checking in the Busbars
2.6Cable Tightness checking in the Electrical Contacts
3Electrical Operational /Functional test
3.1Continuity checking of Control cables
3.2Continuity checking of Power Cables (Corresponding step connection)
3.3Contactor functional checking
3.4Overload Relay functional checking
3.5Capacitance (µf) Measurement of Capacitor
3.6Door limit switch function
3.7Regulator functional checking (Manual & Auto)

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