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Commissioning Method Statement For Active Harmonic Filter 

active filter commissioning

In these two files we are describing the method of statement for testing and commissioning of active filters supplied by 3E.

Precommising Guidelines For Active Filter

The first file describes the steps or checklist that has to be followed prior to the commissioning of active filter like visual inspection of the device to installation inspection for current transformers and capacitor bank, electrical elements like face sequence, power cable connection, earth cable connections and neutral connection.

Visual verification of the major parameters through the digital screen make sure that there is no warning or alarm displayed.

Detailed checklist and steps to be followed will be found in the attached file.

Engineers Guidelines For Installation & Commissioning of Active Filter

This file describes the steps or method of statement that should be followed after installation and during commissioning of the active filter by any engineering team.

Detailed explanation about steps including snapshot of the digital screen has been included in the attached file so it could be an easy guideline for our clients.

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