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Harmonic Filter

Our active filter range provide the most complete solution for solving power quality problems caused by harmonics and consumption of reactive power.

What is the purpose of a harmonic filter?

Harmonic distortion can result in heating of the equipment, tripping of circuit breakers and fuses.  This is where quality harmonic filter installation is required. We use high quality Circutor harmonic filters and have various systems for all application. It can also improve power quality. This mean reduced energy costs for the client.

What is harmonics & its effects?

Harmonics in electrical networks represent disturbances in the flow of electricity. This means the quality of electrical power is reduced, and the efficiency of the system is decreased.

Recent pictures from our site visits demonstrate the catastrophic effects of harmonics in your installations.

Disadvantages of harmonics

  • Reduced efficiency
  • Insulation damage
  • Capacitor failure
  • Pulsating torque in rotating machinery
  • Interference with communication, control and signal circuits
  • Maloperation of equipment
  • Increased operating temperature on equipment
  • Reduced capacitor life
  • Blown fuses Increased copper losses

Do you need a harmonics study?

A power quality audit will identify issues and give us the data we need to design the best solution for your business. We can service Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and all other Emirates. 

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Harmonic filter installation & services

Our services include installation of active filter, cable pulling and installation of cable tray, cable termination, necessary modification inside the panel in case spare breaker not available, all necessary changes in the electrical room example civil work, fire alarm and security systems.

Everything you need to keep your installation harmonics free

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