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Circutor Brand Manufactured In Spain

LCL filters have been specially designed to eliminate the harmonics from the current absorbed by 6-pulse power converters.


LCL filters are designed to reduce harmonics of current absorbed by power converters, with a rectifier input stage. (Frequency converters for motors, UPS, etc.). They are made of a parallel-series combination of reactors and capacitors adapted to reduce the THD (I) of rectifiers. They are designed to reduce the THD(I) to values of approximately 8%, in order to comply with IEC-61000-3.4 and IEEE-519 standards.


  • Standard voltage (ph-ph) 400 V a.c. / 480 V a.c. (Others on request)
  • Frequency 50 Hz: LCL-35-xx types 60 Hz: LCL-36-xx types
  • Rated load current (C) See table
  • Overload 1,5 C 1 min more 5 min with C (max. operating temperature)
  • Residual THD Aprox. 8 %
  • Voltage drop at rated current < 2 %
  • Cabinet material Treated and painted steel Racks RAL 1013 Door RAL 3005
  • Degree of protection IP 20
  • Locking system Lock and key
  • Ventilation Natural Mounting On the floor
  • Installation Indoor
  • Operating temperature 35 ºC
  • Relative humidity 80 %
  • Standards EN 60439, EN 60831, EN 50081-1, EN 50081-2, clase A


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