Kilowatt hour meters with CT

Kilowatt Hour Meter With CT​

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Circutor - Manufactured In Spain

EDMk three-phase KWH meter with current transformer and RS485 Modbus protocol.


Electronic three-phase meter with indirect connection for DIN rails.

  • Used as a redundant energy meter to verify the energy allocated by the company. The unit is totally sealable meaning it is tamper-proof
  • Used as a billing meter: meters energy in various tariff categories.
  • Used to define the different billing periods or to control the production shifts.  
  • Cost control to obtain the consumption/unit ratio in industrial processes.


  • Current reading via external transformers …/5 A or …/1 A or …/250 mA (MC series) (insulated current inputs, ITF) 
  • Start-up in 1 step
  • 2 or 4 quadrant display selection
  • Wrong connection display signal y 1% accuracy in active energy and 2% in reactive energy
  • DIN rail format in only three modules
  • 72 x 72 mm panel mounting trough front adapter
  • 2 digital outputs for energy pulses
  • Option for measurement in low and mid voltage systems
  • RS-485 Communications (MODBUS-RTU)
  • Backlit LCD display y Current direction display in real-time
  • Universal power supply (according to type) y
  • Sealable
  • Partial meters
  • Ideal for energy generation applications
  • Compatible with PowerStudio / PowerStudio Scada systems


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