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Portable Power Quality Analyzer (MYeBOX)

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Circutor - Manufactured In Spain

MYeBOX® is a portable power analyzer that provides detailed information on all electrical parameters. You can connect directly to the unit via the app from mobile devices or by connecting you to the Cloud. 

MyeBOX is designed for saving: Time, Money and Energy.



MYeBOX is a portable analyzer that measures, calculates and displays the main parameters of any electrical installation (single-phase, two-phase with and without neutral, balanced or unbalanced three-phase and through an ARON connection)

MYeBOX can be fully configured remotely and can display electrical parameters on a smartphone or tablet using a mobile application connected to a Wi-Fi network.

myebox connection with cloud

With the MYeBOX® application, you will have remote access to the units without having to physically go to the installations.

You will be able to:

  • Get real time display of measurements
  • Get alarms via e-mail
  • Start and stop data recording
  • View stored data
  • Share files easily.


MYeBOX can be used to:

  • Prepare complete studies of an electrical installation.
  • Analyse consumption, load curves, disturbances in the installation’s voltage, display wave shapes, harmonics study or flicker measurement, among other options.
  • Perform audits and analyses remotely.
power quality analysis with myebox


  • 4 voltage measurement inputs (U1 , U2 , U3, Un 
  • 4 current measurement inputs (I 1 , I 2 , I 3, I n )
  • Measurement of the main electrical parameters
  • Energy consumed and generated
  • Measurement of network quality parameters
  • True RMS measurement (TRMS)
  • Measurement of consumption and generation (4Q)
  • Voltage quality event log, according to EN 61000-4-30
  • Transients log
  • Recording of the wave shape associated with the quality events and transients
  • Measurement according to EN 61000-4-30
  • Power supply is independent of the measurement
  • Recording of the wave shape for each recording period
  • LCD Screen
  • Capacitive keypad
  • Micro-USB port to download data
  • Automatic detection of clamps
  • Identification of phases with colours
  • Compatible with clamps with EEPROM
  • Recording of system events (EVA)
  • NTP synchronisation
  • Sending of alarms via e-mail
  • Wi-Fi communications (access point/terminal)



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