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Why do you need power factor correction?

Power factor is a measurement of how efficiently your premises is using electricity. Utilities in the UAE charge penalties for poor power factor. These utility charges can affect your business profits.

How to eliminate power factor penalties?

All sites in any industry can have low power factor rating from machinery. Examples include air conditioning units, motors, fluorescent lighting, large electrical machines etc. To stop power factor penalties you need a custom power factor correction system like a capacitor bank.

Other factors for power quality problems

Power factor is one of many power quality problems. Other issues can reduce electrical energy efficiency in your network. These include harmonics, flicker and unbalanced load. 3E can make a full comprehensive energy audit on your site with state of the art and cost- effective solutions.

We have 20 years experience in PFC

Our capacitor banks are made in UAE with premium quality European components. You can join some of the most prestigious businesses in UAE that choose 3E to to save energy.

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