Capacitor bank manufactured in UAE by 3E GROUP.

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Manufacturer and supplier of Circutor capacitor bank in UAE.

approved by ADDC Abu Dhabi


  • Type: Polypropylene Film Capacitor / Gas Type
  • Manufactured in: Dubai UAE
  • Components Origin: Spain
  • Brand Name: Circutor
  • Capacitance: 1 KVAR – 1000 KVAR
  • Rated Voltage: 440V- 690V
  • Operating Temperature: Class D 45℃ average
  • Uses: To improve power factor, reduce reactive loss
  • Operation Method: automatic capacitor bank
  • Applications: Low voltage network
  • Certification: APPLUS (Spain), LOVAG Germany, IEC 61921
  • Utility Approval: SEWA, ADDC
  • Output Power: 0 Kvar~1000 Kvar
  • Input Voltage: 400 vac – 690 vac
  • Output Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Steps: 1/4/6/8/12/14
  • Application: develop power factor and reduce line loss
  • Detuned reactor: 5.67%, 7% & 14

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Product Description

Includes Circutor cylindrical capacitors, discharge resistors and overpressure protection. It has detuned reactor to protect the capacitors and avoid resonance frequency. Each step is protected by fuse. 

The contactor has protection of 30% extra current as per IEC 610438 standard. The capacitor bank is equipped with forced ventilation in order to offer the proper ambient temperature and extend capacitor life. 

The automatic regulator programming is so easy and can have communication port, with digital display that shows the connected and disconnected step and the THD of voltage & current. 

The capacitor banks can be equipped with isolator or MCCB based on client requirement. 

The enclosure is Type-Tested by UL and IP rate IP 31, IP 41 IP 54. The quality of our capacitor bank and detuned reactors and proper selection of the resonance frequency 134 Hz, 189 Hz, 210 Hz based on site condition and has proven its efficiency to reduce the harmonics level.

Check our our step by step capacitor bank maintenance protocol.

Type-Tested Certificate & Approvals​

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We supply capacitor banks to many different industries including residential, hotel, resorts, industrial. For more references, check our project list. 

Capacitor Bank Assembly Time: 4-6 weeks.

Shipping: We export our capacitor banks worldwide example Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Africa, MENA and beyond. Contact us for cost effective price and shipping options.

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