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Medium Voltage Capacitor Bank

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MV capacitors are used to build fixed and automatic capacitor banks of up to 12 kV. The stainless steel box  makes it a convenient product that can be used in indoor and outdoor.


Medium-voltage capacitors, made up of different basic capacitive elements. These basic units are connected in series and parallel with the purpose of obtaining the power at the necessary voltage. All the elements are protected by an internal fuse. This fuse is disconnected if a fault is detected, isolating only the basic unit that has been damaged.

Internal fuse protection ensures greater system safety and service continuity. These capacitor banks use thyristors instead of the classic contactors for the connection of each capacitor stage and they are ideal in installations with fast and large load fluctuations (load changes from tenths of seconds up to 8 or 10 seconds).

Check here if you require assembly of a medium voltage capacitor bank.


  • Voltage: 1…12 kV
  • Nominal power: 25…750 kvar
  • Frequency: 50 or 60 Hz
  • Dielectric losses: ≤ 0.15 W / kvar
  • Capacity tolerance: -5%…+10%
  • Location: Indoor / Outdoor
  • Protection: Internal fuse (depending on the type) 
  • Location: Interior
  • Discharge time: ≤ 10 minutes 
  • Residual voltage: ≤ 75 V
  • Material: Porcelain
  • Pollution level: 16 mm / kV (other leakage lines, on demand)
  • Insulation level: 7.2 – 12 kV Overload
  • In current: 1.3 In permanent
  • In voltage: 1.1 Un 12 h in 24 hours 1.15 Un 30 min in 24 hours 1.2 Un 5 min in 24 hours 1.30 Un 1 min in 24 hours
  • Operating temperature: Category C (in accordance with IEC 60871-1)
  • Maximum temperature:  50 ºC (assumed isolated case)
  • Mean maximum value over 24 hours: 40 ºC
  • Mean maximum value over 1 year: 30 ºC 
  • Dielectric: Rough polypropylene film
  • Electrode: Laser-cut aluminium sheet
  • Saturant oil: SAS-40E or M/DBT (PCB-free)
  • Dimensions (mm): depending on the type
  • Weight: depending on the type (see table)
  • Box: Painted stainless steel, RAL 7035 Features two flanges for attaching to the frame and avoiding mechanical efforts on the porcelain terminals
  • Assembly position: Horizontal or vertical
  • Pressure switch: Optional
  • Standards: IEC 60871-1, IEC 60871-4

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