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Our detuned reactors have been specially designed for their use in installations with capacitor banks with considerably high harmonic distortion rates.


The rejection reactors of the R / RB series have been specially designed for their use in capacitor banks in installations with a high harmonic content. The reactors must be connected in series to each capacitor for the adequate protection of capacitors and to avoid the resonance effects in the installation.


  • Voltage: 400 V / 480 V, on demand: up to 1000 V
  • Network frequency 50 / 60 Hz
  • Nominal power Power rating In accordance with selection table
  • Value of p% 7 % (189 Hz) 5,67 % (210 / 252 Hz) 14 % (134 / 160 Hz)
  • Type of conductor Aluminum band / copper wire
  • Tolerance L ± 5 %
  • Linearity (5 % L) 1,8 x In Isolation voltage 4 kV
  • Maximum room temperature -10 … +45 °C
  • Internal isolation Class F (155 °C)
  • On demand: Class H (180 ºC)
  • Maximum overload Permanent 1,17 x In Temporary (1 min) 2 x In
  • Protection thermostat: Opening @ 90 ºC
  • Degree of protection IP 00
  • Installation: Indoor
  • Standards EN-60289, IEC 60076


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