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Static Var Generator

Static Var Generator

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Product Description

SVGm is the global solution for power factor correction.

Static var generators are the most accurate power factor correction solution in both unbalanced three-phase systems & installations with inductive and capacitive reactive power.

  1. Can compensate both inductive reactance and capacitive reactance in real time adapting to any type of penalty and avoiding unnecessary surprises.
  2.  SVG is immune to harmonics and won’t be affected by them regardless of the harmonics in our networks and can be installed with any existing battery in the network whether its has filters or not. Its an ideal solution for installations with additional compensation needs due to possible expansion or to adapt the installation to a new regulatory framework and achieve a neutral power factor, whether it was originally inductive or capacitive.
  3. An SVG needs practically no maintenance or parts replaced. It’s a “life-long” device. It is a power electronic device with no mechanical components so the only maintenance required is cleaning the unit and tightening and checking fans. 
  4. It can supply up to 400 kvar in a very small, space just 60cm and up to 100 units can be in parallel.
  5. It has a built in data logger and web server for monitoring  and diagnosis both instantaneous and logged values.
  6. It’s very simple to install. Its installed exactly like a capacitor bank. Plus the programming system is easy, the same like browsing on a mobile phone. 
Static Var Generator


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