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solar monitoring string box

Smart system for monitoring photovoltaic strings

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Circutor - Manufactured in Spain

The Circutor String Box can monitor and manage the facilities and interact with all their elements, ensuring their optimum performance. The aim is not only to promote renewable energy but also to seek maximum efficiency for this type of installation.


In our modern life the world is relying more on solar and clean energy. Investors in solar farms have interest in saving every square meter of space and making sure that every solar panel is producing the maximum power.

Hence the smart system for solar panel string offers our clients and investors the chance to monitor every panel production of power to benefit from maximum capacity of their investment. Our solar panel monitor is from Circutor.

The Circutor STM is a smart analyzer designed specifically to supervise photovoltaic strings. The STM allows for the maximum performance of the photovoltaic array thanks to its high accuracy. It can integrating it into any SCADA, using wired or wireless communications. This means that the STM is ideal equipment to manage the most significant parameters of an installation.


  • Operating control of each photovoltaic string
  • Performance review of the photovoltaic farm
  • Informing whenever a maintenance issue appears

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