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Surge Protection Devices

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CPT Cirprotec - Manufactured in Spain

Surge protection extends the life of the equipment by more than 20%. Our SPD are suitable for the first step of protection in the main switchboard or lightning events.

What causes overvoltages?

  • Transformer centre switching
  • Disconnection of motors
  • Inductive loads causing voltage spikes in adjacent lines.
  • Lightening
  • Induction of electromagnetic fields
surge protection peak voltage

Benefits of surge protection

  • Prevent service interruptions that can lead to revenue losses & customer dissatisfaction
  • To prevent premature destruction of your equipment
  • To ensure service continues after a surge event
  • Reduce maintenance costs especially at remote locations
  • Ensure the safety of people and equipment 
  • Provides energy efficiency by avoiding uncontrolled increases in consumption 

Why choose CPT Cirprotec?

The CPT Cirprotec CS4 range of surge protective devices (SPDs) is specially designed to protect against transient overvoltages and surge currents in electrical networks power lines.

Designed and manufactured entirely in Europe in accordance with local and international standards such as IEC, UNE, EN, NFC, VDE, UL, IEEE, always under the control of ISO 9001 quality assurance.



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