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Active Filter Installation, Service & Maintenance.

active filter installation


The installation of active filter chosen based on a power quality study in order to curb the harmonics level for voltage and current as per IEC standard.

Suitable for all industries including:

  • hotels
  • business centers
  • shopping malls
  • industrial & factories
  • marine
  • airports
  • many more types of projects 

What we offer

Based on power quality study executed by our team , and Filter will suggest (quantity
and Amp rating of the Active Harmonic filters required to mitigate the Harmonics existing in a network.

The size of Active Filter is typically determined as per Harmonic Study or Simulation study.

It can be wall mounted or panel type and it varies from 30A up to 400A per panel.

We can offer the following services :

  • Supply of active filter
  • Testing and
  • commissioning
  • Necessary modification in the main panel.

In case physical space is not possible or spare breaker are not provided to connect the active filter to main panel.

Installation is done parallel to the network and requires CT’S for current measurement.

Active filters can be connected in parallel to increase the rating. Once the active filter has been installed; commissioning is performed as per the manufacturer guidelines

Factors to consider

  • wall mounted or panel mounted
  • 3 phase + neutral or 3 phase only
  • rated voltage 400, 480, 550 or 690 V
  • Rating in AMP – 30, 60 , 100, 200, 300
  • Based on Amp rating, breaker to be chosen

How to choose suitable breaker in main panel?

Usually the breaker shall be rated 25% extra from the active filter capacity. Example if been rated 100 A the breaker shall be 125 A. Respectively, if active filter rated 250A and so on.

How to check electrical room layout

The active filter installer shall take into consideration the electrical room layout and existing panel in order to choose if the active filter shall be wall mounted or panel type. This is to enable access for the existing main panel for maintenance purpose. The recommended maximum rate for active filter rating is 400 A per filter. The main reason is heat dissipation inside the active filter.

Installation of current transformers

In existing panel, if the space between the busbar is tight, it is recommended to use split current transformer. In certain cases the busbar can be so close that even split CT cannot fit. As per our experience the alternative is to install split CT around the cable feeding the main breaker and connect these CTs to adding transformer to get the necessary rating. Contact us for more explanation. 

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