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Low Voltage Capacitor Bank Service & Maintenance

LV Capacitor Bank Service & Maintenance

Service and Maintenance is vital to ensure that Capacitor Banks operate safely and
optimum performance. As part of service and maintenance an initial site visit is
conducted to identify the vital areas that need attention. Below actions are carried out:

  • Check the protective fuses.
  • Check the Current Value of capacitor using Clamp Meter.
  • Check the action of contactor, reactor and Regulator.
  • Check condition of cables.
  • Replace defective components if necessary
  • Perform tightness check.
  • Clean the terminals, cabinet and ventilation grilles.
  • Clean the inside of the cabinet.
  • Clean ventilation grilles.

About Our LV Capacitor Banks

3e has supplied more than 21,000 capacitor banks in the MENA region.

Our capacitor bank are type tested in Germany and Spain to offer more quality
assurance to the clients.

Our assembly unit follow the designed approved by consultant or we can suggest the capacitor bank rating , sizes.

The following design factors are taken into consideration and suitable rated types will be provided accordingly.

  • Size of the Bank in KVAR.
  • Frequency and Supply Voltage at the site
  • Detuned rating of the bank 5.67%,7%,14% etc.
  • Number of Steps and Step sizes- 25 KVAR, 50 KVAR, 75 KVAR.
  • Enclosure size.
  • Type of Circuit Breaker to be used: Breaker, MCCB etc
  • Cable Entry: Top or Bottom.
  • Arrangement of Components in the bank.
  • Type of Contactor: Thyristor or Electromechanical.
  • Type of Regulator.
  • Any Special Requirement which needs to satisfy as part of compliance statement.

Once the above-mentioned points have been noted, drawing is generated. The drawing
comprises general arrangement of components and wiring diagram. Busbar sizes, fuse ratings, cable sizes are chosen appropriately as per the size of the bank. The capacitor
bank is then assembled by the switchgear team as per the drawing.

For more information about purchasing a capacitor bank please send an RFQ or check specifications.  

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