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What is a Harmonics Study?

Harmonics study is a detailed analysis of the distortion level in an electrical installation. Harmonic study helps businesses to choose the best solution that can protect the machinery, cables, panels and heavy equipment.

What do people mean when they say harmonics study?

A harmoics study helps organisation to identify the harmonics level and the type of harmonics in their electrical installation. It lets you understand risk your equipment is subject to.

Harmonics Study Strategy & Process: Think of it as a system a business adopts to identify and manage level of harmonics on each of its electrical panels.

Field study: Done using a  where our team use portable analyser to record, report and analyser your level of harmonics for a minimum period of 72 hours. 

What does a harmonics study do?

A harmonics study offers you a detailed report and record about the harmonics distortion in electrical network. It can also automatically pull the information about type of harmonics and suggest a solution and rating of active filter to be installed.

In the the harmonics study our team will generate a detailed report that organises the information to give you a complete record of harmonics level and individual harmonics so you can better understand your electrical network problems.

A harmonics study improves customer information about level of distortion in electrical installation by capturing the attention about problems with their machinery and offer information required in order to choose the best solution.

Why is a harmonics study important?

A harmonics study enables businesses to deepen its information about risk that endangers its investment. It helps keep track of harmonics level and alerts about crucial levels which is the heart of harmonics studies.

You can see everything in one study.

It’s customisable and tells every investor about the level of harmonics and risk that may damage their equipment. 

If your business is going to last you need to protect your investment. You need to know that a harmonics can damage and reduce the life of your machinery & equipment /production line. For forward thinking as a business or investor, a harmonics study is a framework for that protection strategy.

What is the benefit of harmonics study?

Our team use portable analysers to record, report and analyse your level of harmonics for a minimum period of 72 hours. 

A harmonics study is one report that can identify the harmonics level and detailed type of harmonics (eg 3rd, 5th, 7th etc) and offer clear strategy about the solution adopted in order to solve the problem and offer full protection to your electrical installation & machinery.

Advantages of solving harmonics problems

  1. Increase your equipment life span
  2. Reduce loss in capacity of energy
  3. Reduce transformer overload
  4. Reduce transformer D rating
  5. Protect cables
  6. Reduce overheating in motor and pumps
  7. Reduce over voltage / current in the distribution network
  8. Reduce heated power cable, transformer and generators
  9. Reduce tripping in circuit breaker and relay
  10. Reduce breaker shutdown

What happens if you ignore your harmonics problem?

If you choose to ignore the problem the following will happen

  1. You will get a penalty from utility
  2. You will have damages in the network, cables, machinery or production line.

Problems with a cheap active filter?

Incompetent solutions like a cheap active filter can complicate the solution more. Example:

  1. Shutting down your machinery
  2. Create electromagnetic interference
  3. Increase the head in your electrical rooms
  4. Leads to high cost in AC compensation
  5. Paying for active filter that will not offer any solution

Why choose 3E?

Over 20 years our team has accumulated a lot experience in harmonic studies and analysis across all industries.

  • We are the experts in the field: 20+ years experience auditing the most complex projects and cases for all types of industries. We really are the electrical energy efficiency experts in the UAE
  • Support from Circutor: We collaborate with our partner Circutor with all energy audits. Circutor have over 50 years experience in 100 countries with power quality.

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