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Powering Seychelles: Engineering Excellence in Capacitor Banks

3e seychelles

We are thrilled to share a success story from the heart of our operations—our recent venture in supplying capacitor banks to a prestigious hotel chain in Seychelles.

With capacities of 440 and 550 Kvar, these projects posed unique challenges, particularly in optimizing size constraints.

Our team, armed with engineering expertise, tackled the challenge head-on.

Crafting a design that accommodated the substantial power requirements within the confines of 450 and 550 Kvar was no small feat.

The synergy of innovative solutions and technical finesse allowed us to deliver efficient and compact capacitor banks.

Beyond borders, our reputation has spread, and we take pride in the trust placed in us outside the UAE.

This success underscores our commitment to delivering quality that knows no bounds.

We are excited to continue pushing the limits of engineering excellence and powering success stories worldwide.

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